Beaufort Co. Convenience Store Robbed, Workers Injured

Two female workers at a Beaufort County convenience store were injured when they were struck with a handgun by a suspect who robbed the store.

It happened at the River Road Convenience Store, the former Fish 'N' Stuff store, near the Cedar Circle, Edgewater & Winchester neighborhoods.

The sheriff's office describes the suspect only as a black male.

Eva Nava has only owned the store for five months. She says, "My parents were here accompanying me because of the robbery that happened on Saturday and when I looked up the guy was already here pointing the gun in my moms face. He came towards me and hit me in the head with the gun he had in his hands then went toward my mom and hit her."

An ambulance and several sheriff's cars were at the scene Sunday night after 7:00 p.m. Deputies were also riding through neighborhoods using a spotlight.

Saturday night the nearby Mexican convenience store Gaudalupana Tienda Mexicana, was robbed. The sheriff's office is looking into possible connections between the two robberies.

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