3 Years Ago Today: Tornadoes In Eastern Carolina Kill 12

Today marks the third anniversary of the deadly tornadoes that tore through several communities in Eastern Carolina causing millions of dollars in damage and numerous deaths.

There were 30 confirmed tornadoes in the state with 24 fatalities. Bertie County was particularly hard hit with twelve people killed. Greene County was another area that saw a lot of devastation.

Brendan King went to Snow Hill and spoke to those who have rebuilt since their homes and businesses were destroyed.

Helen Murphy was racing to her home on Kingold Boulevard in Snow Hill. She could see a tornado forming in the distance and it was heading straight to her family. "I saw the tornado and I also saw the men standing in the road trying to stop me. They said, "lady you better turn back because there's a tornado coming."

When she arrived home she saw complete destruction and her home in pieces. Inside she found her sister and her 7 and 1 year old grandsons hiding in the bathroom.

Murphy says, "All of the rooms in the house were tore all up except that one little bathroom. Toilet paper hadn't even been moved."

Next door at Andy's Restaurant, now called Highway 55, manager Nikki Waters says the diner was a pile of bricks and a family in their car was thrown into the restaurant. Waters says, They said as soon as they got into their vehicle, it just hit and it blew them right back into the building, they were okay, thank God."

It took the restaurant a year to re-open.

The baseball complex and farmer's market have been rebuilt and Greene County Middle School reopened last year.

Estimates of damage for the town total nearly 30 million dollars.

Emergency management specialist Trey Cash was an EMT at the time the tornado struck and witnessed first hand his community coming together. He says, "We're definitely stronger. Greene County has a bunch of strong people in it. We're a tight knit community. We work together very well and it brought us together.