Remembering 9-11 In Jacksonville

An observance in Jacksonville honored the thousands of military men and women who have died in the war on terror in the decade since the 9/11 attacks.

It was a day full of red, white, and blue at the 9-11 Memorial at Camp Johnson where a couple hundred people gathered to remember the tragic day of 9-11.

The national moment of silence at 8:46 a.m. was held at the site as well as reflecting on the minute after the first impact at the World Trade Center.

Members of the Second Marine Division Band and the Jacksonville High School Cardinal String Ensemble performed, while members of local law enforcement, fire and rescue, and servicemen and women held pictures of some who died eleven years ago.

The ceremony left many remembering that tragic day and our nations response. Retired Master Gunnery Sgt. Charles Broda
said, "I was on the platform teaching a class and someone ran in and said the towers, the twin towers have been hit and we stopped the class immediately and turned on all the TV's and starting watching the news and it was horrifying watching it unfold."

The 9-11 Memorial in Jacksonville was dedicated in 2003.