UPDATE: Two People Lose Homes From Fire

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Two people have lost their homes after a fire destroyed part of an apartment building.

It happened Friday night at Country Manor Apartments at 915 B's Barbeque Road.

We're told The American Red Cross took care of occupants in all ten apartments for the night.

Property manager Tim Burdette says that the cause of the fire was from unattended food on a stove. There were no injuries. He says that 4 units are unlivable and that it will take 4-6 weeks to rebuild.

Previous story:

Basically what we had was a gentleman who had placed something on the stove to cook and he left it unattended. He came back. His kitchen was in flames. That's what started the whole fire.

The American Red Cross Disaster Action Team says volunteers were called to respond to an apartment fire on B's BBQ Road in Greenville NC on Friday evening just before 10:00pm.

WITN is working to get details about how many units were damaged, how many people were displaced and if anyone was injured.