Reaction In The East To Gun Control Plan

Reaction to President Obama's gun control plan was varied among the people we talked with in Pitt County Wednesday.

We asked what they though of the executive order requiring thorough background checks. George Miller told us, "I think that's a good idea." Christine Applewhite said, "They really should look at people buying guns." Jamie Murphy commented, "That's good there."

Everyone we talked with also liked the idea of tough laws for criminals with weapons and those that help them get their hands on the guns.

Opinions differed though when it comes to reinstating bans on military type assault weapons and limiting magazine clips to ten rounds. Miller told us, "Well, I'm not quite sure about that."
Applewhite said, "I agree with that because a normal person like me shouldn't be able to go buy a military type gun- those guns should be for people that are military- police officers."
Jamie Thomas told us, "Our Second Amendment is there in case people are trying to take our weapons- in case a tyrannical government comes to take our weapons."