Rash Of Outdoor & Yard Equipment Thefts In Pitt County

Pitt County deputies are warning residents to help them prevent any more of what they're calling thefts of opportunity.

Since June, the Pitt County Sheriff's Office has had close to a dozen reports of stolen trailers, motorcycles and lawnmowers.

Janet Johnson lives outside Grifton and says she and her husband reported their trailer missing on July 24th.

They suspect someone just drove up on their property, hitched it up and drove away without anyone noticing.

Deputies say that's why they consider the thefts crimes of opportunity.

Detective Walt Stancil says the thefts take place primarily when the homeowner is not home and the mower is sitting under a shed in the front yard.

Deputies suggest taking pictures of your property's serial number and equipment on your smartphone.

They say while they may have leads, they're not sure if all these cases are connected.