Rash Of Home & Car Break-Ins In Washington & Beaufort County

Authorities are telling people in Washington and Beaufort County to be on alert after a rash of home and car break-ins since the weekend.

Between the city of Washington and Beaufort County -- 18 different vehicles and homes have been hit. And in all cases -- officials say the doors had been left unlocked.

Washington Police were out canvassing the Smallwood subdivision Wednesday afternoon after three vehicles were broken into overnight.

Officials say they suspect multiple individuals are involved.

Meanwhile, the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office says that a mix of 15 homes and vehicles have been broken into in areas off of River Road, including Washington Park, Cypress Bay and Magnolia Shores.

Officials say the investigation is ongoing and aren't able to say if the River Road and Smallwood cases are related.

Officials urge people to keep all of your doors, both your vehicle and home -- locked.