Rare White Loggerhead Turtle Celebrates Birthday At State Aquarium

Hundreds of people got together Tuesday to celebrate a birthday for a pretty unique sea creature.

Nimbus, a rare white loggerhead sea turtle, turned four years old this week. He is a resident at the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores.

The aquarium hosted a turtle celebration in his honor, as well as the rest of the turtles that call the aquarium home.

"From the day Nimbus went on exhibit, kids have been crazy about him and are following his progress," said aquarium spokeswoman Julie Powers.

Kids got a chance to sign a super-sized birthday card for Nimbus, and make pledges to help sea turtles.

The celebration coincides with sea turtle hatching season on area beaches.

Nimbus turned up in a nest excavation on Pine Knoll Shores beach back in August of 2010. Experts at the aquarium have helped him overcome mouth and nasal deformities, along with vision problems.