Snow Boosts Business At Beaufort County Bakery

The rapid snowfall resulted in surprise for many in Beaufort County, who said they didn't expect it to come so fast.

And it's translating into some fast cash for one bakery.

From one customer to the next, Beaufort County residents checked out at Franklin's Baking Company on Highway 264 in Washington.

On Tuesday, employees said the pace of customers was steady. Compare that to two weeks ago, when the store sold out of several hundred loaves of bread.

Employee Katie Shagenay said, "We were extremely busy. We sold more bread than we did even for a hurricane. I was surprised. Our shelves got wiped clean."

While it does make money for the business, the snow can complicate things.

Juanita Gardner works at Beaufort Community College just across the street from the bakery. She says while it's pretty, the headaches aren't.

Gardner said, "I'm ready for things to get back to normal."