One Greenville Driver Cut With Knife, Other Driver Charged

Police say road rage on the streets of Greenville landed one driver in the hospital and the other behind bars.

Greenville police say Rudolph Whitehurst told them he was driving down Fire Tower Road, near Corey Road, when another vehicle passed him on the left, veered back to the right and cut him off.

The two vehicles continued down Fire Tower, and Whitehurst told police he tried to make a U-turn in a parking lot near the 14th Street intersection, when the two drivers ended up outside their vehicles.

Police say the 57-year-old Whitehurst was cut several times with a knife, and was transported to Vidant Medical Center with serious, but non-life threatening injuries.

Witnesses were able to give officers the other vehicle's license plate, and several hours later Harold Stanley of Vanceboro turned himself into police.

Stanley, who is 68, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury. He was later released on a $25,000 bond.

After being released from Vidant, Whitehurst spoke to WITN.

The victim says before Stanley cut him off, the man yelled a racial slur at Whitehurst and made an obscene hand gesture. Later, in the parking lot, Whitehurst said he got out of his car only to get the man's license number.

After speaking to Stanley, he thought things had cooled down between the two.

"I thought it was over so I turned to get back in my car and he said 'Uhh, I will cut you.' He used the "N-word" one more time, before I know it, I moved...he had stabbed me in the shoulder, and when he stabbed me in the shoulder it put my body in temporary shock for a split second cause then he managed to cut me two more times. And I kicked him in his privacy and stopped that right then," said Whitehurst.