COUNTY BY COUNTY: Weather And Road Reports

Road conditions have improved drastically across Eastern Carolina by Wednesday morning, but DOT officials warn drivers are not entirely in the clear yet.

Ice Tuesday morning caused dangerous conditions for local drivers.

We'll update this story with county by county road and weather reports.

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DOT reports no issues but urges drivers to beware of black ice.


NCDOT reporting roads are clear.


NCDOT reports roads are mostly clear with some icy spots.


Roads are clear with possible icy spots.

Crews said they would keep salting the bridges as a precaution with the potential for freezing rain to sweep in during the morning Wednesday.


Roads are clear.


Main roads are clear with possible icy spots.


Main roads are clear, secondary roads clear with possible icy spots.


Roads are clear with possible icy spots. A crew will reevaluate bridges in the morning.


Black ice is a small concern over parts of the area. Crews are out salting puddles before they have the chance to refreeze.


Roads are clear.


Roads are clear.


DOT reports roads are clear with some icy spots.


NCDOT reports main roads are clear with possibly icy spots, secondary roads are partially covered with snow/ice.


Roads are mostly clear but have icy spots on both main and secondary roads.


Roads are reportedly clear but may have icy patches.

Previous Story:

With sleet and freezing rain expected to sweep across eastern North Carolina Monday afternoon into the evening, icy roads are a concern for many drivers.

We will be checking with local Department of Transportation crews across our area as the system moves through. Check back here for updated road conditions throughout this Weather Authority Alert day.

Beaufort County: crews are currently putting salt spreaders on plows while mixing brine solution; officials want to wait to see if rain will move through first; pre-treatment and salt will start as soon as possible.

Carteret County: crews do not see a need for pre-treatment yet; trucks will be ready; crews said they have half the amount of salt normally on hand but expect that to be plenty for this system.

Craven County: DOT crews are brining the Trent and Neuse River bridges as a precaution because they are so often travelled; crews are outfitting trucks with plows and spreaders; engineers want to let some rain fall before putting out rock slat so the salt sticks and activates quickly.

Duplin County: information unavailable at this time.

Greene County: crews are attaching spreaders and plows to equipment while waiting out weather reports.

Edgecombe County: workers are making sure spreaders and plows are ready and waiting as they wait for rain to start; that is when salt will go out.

Jones County: managers anticipate running a night time crew on the roads; salt will go down once the rain starts.

Lenoir County: spreaders and plows are being attached to equipment now; standing by for rainfall; looking for lunch time forecast to determine when to get salt moving; no pretreatment expected.

Onslow County: preparing equipment now; no plan for pretreatment right now; more than enough salt on hand for this system.

Pamlico County: pretreatment will not be efficient; likely will use granulated salt on bridges once the rain starts.

Pitt County: no pretreatment plans in place; rock salt is ready and will be put down as the system moves in.