Greenville Man Shares Story About Rescue After Lightning Struck Boat

Just four days after he was rescued from his boat that was struck by lightning, a sailor from Greenville spoke to us about his adventure on the Sea Raven Monday, and his rescue after he set off emergency flares.

Guinn has quite the story to tell. From his rescue, to his acting days as a pirate, this is a guy who certainly leaves an impression.

Guinn has been sailing for more than 20 years, but earlier this week, on his way back from South Carolina, his boat was struck by lightning. Heading for the Beaufort Inlet with nothing but a compass for navigation, he pushed on.

"I'm looking at about 33 hours of no sleep, and because I'm the only one aboard, I can't stop," said Guinn.

Monday night, he says he was rescued by the Coast Guard. Even after the scary experience, he's eager to get back on the water.

"I went to the vessel, got her somewhat cleaned up, gave her the kiss and hug. I was like,I'll be back honey," said Guinn.

Guinn has captained a ship on the high seas before. As a sailor, and an actor.

Looking the part, he was in the most recent Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

"Next thing you know, I'm the alternate Jack Sparrow. So I'm sword fighting Christopher Lepps and Johnnie Depp.

Guinn is a captain at sea, and of his life. He says his instincts are the reason he survived the lightning strike.

"I still do what I have to do to keep on going, and I just refuse to quit," said Guinn.

Guinn's boat has an engine, but he says the anchor line caught onto it and took it off, forcing him to sail the rest of the way. Besides the electrical burns, Guinn also suffered severe sunburn and heat exhaustion.

Previous Story

Rescuers said a boater was stranded for days at sea alone with little rations before being picked up on Monday night by both the Coast Guard and a Pedro Rescue helicopter crew.

The Coast Guard and Tow Boat U.S. crews tell WITN that Logan Guinn was sailing from South Carolina up to New Bern after dropping off a passenger at Wrightsville Beach.

Crews said the man's boat was struck by lightening sometime during the Saturday storms, knocking out all of his electric navigational tools. Crews said the sailor was left in an unfamiliar area with no way to determine where he was.

By Monday night, rescuers said Guinn sent up flares near Salter Path where someone spotted the visual call for help and called 911.

The Coast Guard said it had teams running training drills in the area and arrived around the same time a Pedro crew did.

A diver was let down toward the boat, and crews said Guinn was hoisted up to the helicopter and taken to Carteret General Hospital.

Tow Boat U.S. rescuers said the man is expected to recover, though hospital staff want to be sure he is properly treated for dehydration and severe sun burn.

While Guinn continues his recovery, his boat is at the Portside Marina in Morehead City.