Puppy Found Wandering In Hurricane Adopted By Hubert Man

A Hubert man wasted no time in adopting "Arthur" on Friday.

The puppy was found wandering in a Jacksonville neighborhood, during the height of Hurricane Arthur. He was taken to a pet-friendly shelter where the Red Cross and Onslow County Animal Services kept him safe until the hurricane passed.

The dog was then taken to the county animal shelter, where after five days they put him up for adoption as his owner didn't come forward.

Stephen Mills says he saw "Arthur" on our newscast several days ago and was first of five people on the list who wanted the puppy.

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The search is on for the owner of a puppy found during the height of Hurricane Arthur last week.

The American Red Cross has nicknamed the puppy "Arthur".

The dog was found wandering behind the Dunkin' Donuts on North Marine Boulevard and was delivered to the pet-friendly shelter at the Jacksonville Commons.

The Red Cross had two people from Onslow County Animal Services on hand, so they were able to provide the pup with a safe place for him to ride out the storm. Afterward they arranged a place to care for him until his owner could be located.

"Arthur" is being kept at the animal shelter in Jacksonville. If he is your dog you should call the shelter at 910-455-0182 to claim him.

If no one claims "Arthur" by the end of the week he will be available for adoption.