Public Hearing On Proposed Ferry Tolls Set For February

Hundreds of people fought in 2013 to stop tolls on our local ferries. It worked, but it looks like those folks will have to get their boxing gloves back out.

Another public hearing on the ferry tolls is set for February. This time, it will be a group of local elected representatives making the decision.

WITN spoke on the phone to one of the planning organizers on Friday. He said that if they did start charging tolls, the money would stay local.

For example, the money would be set aside to buy a new ferry in the future, offsetting costs to the state.

Many of those who use the ferry say the tolls will hurt the community. They already pay state taxes that go toward transportation and feel the ferry should be included.

Joe Santinoceto said he would consider a different route.

Santinoceto said, "I do enjoy the ferry and there is no question that it's more convenient. It would depend, but I would probably drive more."

The Pamlico County tolls hearing is set for February 6th. It will begin at 7 PM at Pamlico Community College.

Other ferry's in the area that will be discussed, include the Bayview-Aurora Ferry, Cedar Island-Ocracoke, Swan Quarter, Ocracoke and Hateras-Ocracoke.