Public Hearing On Morehead City Graffiti Ordinance

Morehead City planners have proposed a solution to deal with graffiti.

Linda Paul lives around the corner from a spray painted wall on a building and is glad to see some action. She says, "Nobody wants to see it. It's a nice area, it's a nice neighborhood, so you don't want to see graffiti on the walls and stuff."

Morehead City Director of Planning & Inspections, Linda Staab, says, "We do get complaints from people throughout town who drive through and see paint on buildings that doesn't belong."

Officials at the city's planning and inspections department say they have found a way to battle the graffiti.

Staab says, "Throughout the years we've had a problem with graffiti and we didn't have the mechanism to deal with it. We're proposing this ordinance to address graffiti in the future."

The city planning board is asking the city to classify the writings on the wall as a public nuisance. The ordinances would make property owners clean up the graffiti or pay the city to do so.

Staab says, "Property owner would get notification that there is a problem, and then they have 15 days to fix it."

If they don't fix the problem, the city will clean it up and send the property owner the bill.

If you want to be heard on the topic, there will be a public hearing Tuesday evening at 5:30 during the city council's monthly meeting.