Pros & Cons Of Night Hunting For Coyotes Debated In Pitt County

Dozens of people spoke out at Wednesday night's public hearing about a proposal to allow night hunting in our area. Some say it will help control the number of coyotes. Others argue it could put people and endangered species in danger.

Wednesday's hearing at Pitt Community College was the fourth public hearing to discuss the proposal.

All counties in North Carolina will be affected by this proposal that hopes to manage the coyote population, a problem some counties struggle with more than others. People would also be able to hunt feral swine.

This new proposal will allow year round night hunting of coyotes, something some residents say concerns them. Kim Wheeler is the executive director of the Red Wolf Coalition. "We are concerned that Red Wolves will be mistaken for coyotes and be shot. You may or may not have experienced hunters out that have hunted in the night, and they don't know what to do."

The fifth and final public hearing will take place Thursday in Raleigh but residents will be able to comment on the proposal until April 16. The final decision will be made on May 3rd.