Pros & Cons Of Proposed Kinston Solar Farm

Solar farms have been popping up all over Eastern Carolina in the past couple of years and a third one could be headed to Lenoir County.

This time it would be in the Kinston city limits off of Rouse Road, right across the street from a residential neighborhood.

Denise Lopez lives nearby and says there are pros and cons to the farm being constructed. Lopez says, "It was really mixed. I thought, solar power that's a good thing, a very good thing for Kinston, but at the same time, not really sure what it would do to the values of our homes in this community."

A public hearing was held Thursday night in Kinston to discuss the plans for the solar farm.

The $64 million dollar project is being pushed by the Sustainable Energy Community Development company. They say being near homes shouldn't be an issue.

Shawn Lemond is the chief operating officer and says, "They don't make any sounds, they're basically behind a fence and they just sit there."

The North Carolina Utilities Commission will make a determination on whether or not to approve it once all evidence is collected.