Prom Dress Controversy

A young woman from Kill Devil Hills says she was denied a prom dress because her mother wasn't with her. The trouble is -- the teen's mother passed away from cancer two years ago.

Sally Morris told WTVD she was looking at dresses at Chique Prom at Triangle Town Center when she says a worker told her that her mom must be with her to try on dresses.

But Sally said that was impossible because her mother died when she was 15 and says her adult cousin explained that to the salesman.

Sally says the response was, "That's our policy. If you don't like it, you don't have to shop here."

Chique Prom's William Shepherd says at the time, he didn't understand Sally didn't have a mom.

Shepherd apologized to Sally on a radio show and offered to give her a free dress. She says he only apologized because he's been called out and she doesn't need his dress. She found another one she's going to wear to the prom.