President's Great Uncle Watches Inauguration In Craven County Home

A Craven County man took a special interest in today inauguration of Barack Obama, that's because he's the president's great uncle.

Jon Payne retired to River Bend 3-1/2 years ago. His older sister, who died just before Obama was elected in 2008, was the president's grandmother.

Payne is proud of his nephew, enough though he's never received an invitation from the president to go to the White House.

While watching his nephew's second inauguration today with WITN's Brittany Creamer things became surreal for Payne. "It's almost unbelievable, things like that just don't happen you know," said Payne. "But now they have happened twice. Yes, now its happened twice and you kind of have to begin to believe it."

Payne's younger sister, who is the president's great aunt, lives in Chapel Hill.