UPDATE: Power Restored To Most Homes

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Progress Energy says most of its customers now have power restored after strong storms pushed through Eastern Carolina overnight.

The power company says 31 customers in Nash County are still without power, while one customer each in Pitt, Duplin and Wayne counties are still impacted by the outage.

Roanoke Electric Cooperative says all of its customers now have power restored, while Tideland EMC says it has 3 customers now without power in Beaufort County.

10:00 a.m. Update

Roanoke Electric says 788 customers are without power, most of those are in Bertie County, the rest are in Hertford County.

Progress Energy says 81 customers are without power in Nash County, while 14 remain in the dark in Duplin County.

Tideland EMC says they're down to 3 customers without power.

8:15 a.m. Update

Nearly all of Tideland EMC's outages are resolved. The utility reports a total four outages, affecting 19 customers across Beaufort, Hyde and Washington counties.

Roanoke Electric reports 740 people without power in the Askewville area of Bertie County. The outage in Hertford County is down to 39 customers, according to Roanoke Electric.

Hundreds of Progress Energy customers in Duplin County are still without power. Outages near Teachey have 185 customers in the dark, while outages near Wallace have 128 without power.

Elsewhere in Eastern Carolina, Progress Energy is responding to 21 separate outages that have a total of 155 people without power.

7 a.m. Update
Thousands of people lost power overnight with the big storm that blew through the area, but crews have clearly been working hard to get the lights back on.

Roanoke Electric reports 740 people without power in the Askewville area of Bertie County. Another 220 are without power in Hertford County, according to Roanoke Electric.

Dominion Power still has about 150 people without power near Williamston in Martin County at this hour.

About 280 people south of New Bern, on the Progress Energy grid are still in the dark. Power is not expected back on there until 9 a.m.

In Pamlico County, Tideland EMC reports 120 without power.

Those are the major outages; some scattered outages still persist across the area.

5:45 a.m. Update
Power crews continue to quickly restore power to those who lost it in the storms early Thursday.

Tideland EMC's outage map says 230 people do not have power right now, including 120 in Pamlico County and 108 in Beaufort County.

Progress Energy reports 15 outages just west of Vanceboro in Craven County, putting about 150 people in the dark.

About 90 people in areas just north of Jacksonville do not have power, according to Progress Energy.

About 285 people do not have power, south of New Bern in Craven County, as crews work to resolve six different outages there.

About 45 Progress Energy customers near Aurora in Beaufort County are still waiting for power to be restored.

Dominion Power's largest outage in Eastern Carolina is near Williamston, with 150 people.

5 a.m. Update
Thousands of people lost power in the storm as it approached and moved through overnight. While the lights are back on for some, it could be a few more hours for others. According to Tideland EMC, a total of 1,600 people do not have power right now...The majority of those are in Beaufort County, where about 750 people don't have power, along with almost 500 in Pamlico County and 240 in Craven.

Progress Energy's reported outages are way down from the thousands who lost power earlier. Their biggest outage currently is in the New Bern area, with 600 people out, another 300 have no power near Vanceboro. Other outages include Jacksonville, Goldsboro and Rocky Mount.

Dominion Power's largest outage in Eastern Carolina is near Williamston, with 150 people. Also near Plymouth, 100 Dominion Power customers do not have power.

Previous Story

Power outages are reported as the storm system works through. We are hearing reports of power lines and trees coming down with the storm. On a positive note, some power outages reported earlier have already been resolved.

Nearly 3,000 people are without power both north and south of Vanceboro along Highway 43 in Craven County. Progress Energy reports people on the south side of Vanceboro should get power back by 5:15 a.m., while those on the north side will be without electricity until 6 a.m.

Nearly 1,200 people lost power in Wallace in Duplin County around midnight. Progress Energy is aiming to get power back on by 3 a.m.

In Lenoir County, 1,800 people lost power in and around Kinston. Progress Energy expects to restore power by 3:45 a.m.

About 900 people near Aurora in Beaufort County lost power, according to Progress Energy.

Tideland Energy reports a total of 3,300 customers without power in their service area. Crews are working to restore 65 separate outages.

Dominion Power reports about 200 people without power near Jamesville in Martin County. About 150 people lost power near Williamston.

Thirteen separate outages are reported in the Rocky Mount area, putting 1,400 people without powre, according to Progress Energy.

Around Goldsboro, four outages are reported with a total of 379 people without power. Power is estimated to be restored at 4 a.m.

Greenville Utilities reported about 50 customers lost power earlier, due to trees falling on powerlines on the south side of Winterville and on Briley Rd. All power was restored by midnight, officials said.

The storm left thousands without power west of our area, according to Progress Energy. We will continue to monitor outages in our area as the system passes through.