Police: Suspect In Custody After Vehicle Rams TV Station In Maryland

Authorities say a man who they say is mentally ill has been captured inside a Baltimore-area television station, some five hours after running a stolen truck into the building.

Baltimore County police say 55 people evacuated WMAR-TV as the man made his way to the second floor of the station.

Police say during the ordeal the man was watching television coverage of the event, so police were not releasing much information to the media as it unfolded. WMAR was forced off the air during the event.

The man, who was barricaded in an editing room of the station, was armed with a golf club and arrested without incident. The 29-year-old man is being taken in for treatment, according to county officials.

Police Chief James Johnson says it's clear the suspect suffers from "emotional or mental health issues."

WMAR-TV employees reported that someone claiming to be God was trying to get inside the building just before noon. Shortly after, the truck slammed into the lobby of the station.

A Catholic school next door to the station was placed on lockdown as a precaution.

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The news director at a Baltimore-area television station that was rammed by a truck says she believes everyone evacuated safely, but police say there may still be an armed person inside.

WMAR-TV News Director Kelly Groft tells The Associated Press in a phone interview that when the truck began ramming the lobby around noon Tuesday, she screamed for everyone in the newsroom to get out.

Baltimore County police say 55 people evacuated, but they can't be sure everyone is out. Police say there may be an armed person inside, but there have not been any reports of shots fired.

A hole the size of several garage doors could be seen in the front of the building Tuesday afternoon. Police officers were on the scene, and news helicopters hovered above. A school next door is locked down.

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