Police Use Heightened Patrols At Certain Greenville Intersections

A main drag has become overrun with speeders and now officers are pulling them over and handing out tickets.

The speed limit on a portion of Arlington Boulevard between Evans Street and Red Banks Road is 35 miles per hour. Some Greenville drivers realize that the hard way.

WITN rode along with Greenville police officers as they monitored drivers on Monday. They say that particular stretch of Arlington Boulevard is one of the top 10 locations where accidents occur in the city.

Sergeant Michael Montayne says their goal is to prevent crashes by distracted drivers who are speeding.

"Our job is not to see how many tickets we can write," says Sgt. Montayne. "Our ultimate goal when we complete a traffic stop is voluntary compliance."

It's just one area they've targeted that's seen a decrease in the number of crashes due to heightened patrols. Crashes there are down 5% from last year.

Other intersections they're focused on include Greenville Boulevard at 10th Street, as well as Greenville Boulevard and Memorial Drive.