Police Searching For Instagram Users Who Posted Underage Photos

While social media has made communication with friends and family much easier, it does come with some consequences.

A Wake County mother learned that the hard way, after nude photos of her daughter showed up on Instagram.

Wake County Authorities are searching Instagram accounts after that mother notified them that nude photos of her daughter were posted on the social media site.

We're told her daughter is now 18 years old, but that the photos were taken when she was 14 or 15 years of age.

Glen Webb works with Greenville's Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

Webb says, "Sending nude or sexually explicit photos of themselves, or any of their friends who are under 18, could be grounds for a charge."

Police are now searching for the individuals who own the accounts with the underage photos.

Webb says the charge comes with harsh consequences.

According to Webb, "You could be charged with this felony. That's going to follow you around for a long time. And if you're over 16, 16 and over, you'll be charged as an adult."

Webb says there are precautions parents should take early on.

"My advice for parents would be, intervene early, know what they're doing online, speak their language," says Webb. "Use Google, find out what they're saying means, because something that sounds benign may not be."