Police Look For Kidnapper From PA in Eastern Carolina

Police say they are searching for a Chester County, Pennsylvania man who allegedly kidnapped his estranged wife and three young children and drove them to Eastern Carolina.

New Garden Township police are searching for Miguel Vazquez, who is wanted for an alleged sexual assault of a child.

Authorities say that around 11 a.m. Tuesday, the Chester County Crime Victims' Center received a call from a woman who said Vazquez, her estranged husband, had kidnapped her and her three young children.

The caller said he had taken them somewhere in North Carolina.

Pennsylvania police tracked the call to an area around Williamston. Martin county authorities tell WITN, the family was located, safe, at a home on Ola Roberson Road, but Vazquez took off.

Detectives say Vazquez stole a motorcycle and is currently on the loose.

Investigators says if you know where he is to give them a call.