POLICE: Teen Texting While Driving Hits Hydrant, Sign, and Parked Cars

Police said an 18-year-old admitted to texting while driving before she took out a wooden town sign and hit three parked cars.

Nags Head Police Chief, Kevin Brinkley said around 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, an Ohio teen told police she was distracted by texting when she had a serious crash.

Brinkely said Tara Beasley was driving on N.C. 12 near East 8th Street when she ran off the road to the right, crossed a side street, hit a fire hydrant, then a large wooden sign for the town of Nags Head, then continued into the driveway of a nearby rental cottage, hitting three parked cars.

Chief Brinkely said the 18-year-old had a 19-year-old in the vehicle with her but neither teen was seriously injured.

Police said initial damage estimates add up to nearly $20,000.

Investigators said alcohol was not a factor but Beasley admitted to police she had been text messaging while driving.

The Ohio teen has since been charged with two infractions: texting while driving and failure to maintain lane control.

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Police in a big tourist town, especially on a holiday weekend, are investigating a pretty dramatic car crash.

A viewer sent in the picture you see here, from 8th Street in Nags Head, showing an SUV that ran off the road and into these parked cars.

Witnesses say the SUV actually smashed into the "Welcome To Nags Head" sign before jumping a hill and landing in this driveway. No word on injuries, but we'll keep you posted.