Police Investigating High School Student Solicitation Via Cell Phone

Police are investigating the solicitation of a high school student over her cell phone.

New Bern Police started the investigation after a New Bern High School student reported Wednesday night that she was receiving phone calls and text messages that were sexual in nature.

Wayne Beasley serves as Assistant Superintendent for Accountability and Technology for Craven County schools. He says teachers keep a close eye on their students, but that kids can be sneaky.

"We do have policies at school, during school hours, about not having cell phones out, not taking inappropriate pictures, not sending inappropriate texts," explains Beasley. "They can't use those types of tools in a classroom. However, we'll see daily someone will sneak a picture, someone will send an inappropriate text and we do have consequences."

Police say the victim is a minor.

If the person making the calls is an adult, then felony charges could be brought. But, if both are underage then it may not be a crime, according to police.