Police Investigate Break-In Of Pitt County Church

Ayden Police are investigating the break-in at a church over the weekend.

Police say Saturday afternoon a church member at Straightway Holiness Church discovered a plasma flat screen TV was missing, along with three desktop computers, a blue ray player, and nearly $200.00 from the collection plate.

Police believe the suspects threw a brick through the church window.

Ayden Police Chief Barry Stanley says, "It bothers me that someone would be willing to break into a house of worship to steal from them. Especially this church that does so much for the community."

Chief Stanley says two of the missing computers were found Sunday afternoon on the side of Garris Road. In all, he says the value of the items stolen is $2,000.

Just last week there were numerous car break-ins at church parking lots in Greenville. Police say they don't believe they are related to the Ayden church break-in.