Greenville Police Connect Man To Several Overnight Break-Ins

Police say they caught a man in the act this morning, and they've tied him to multiple break-ins in the same area.

Anthony McNair of Rocky Mount has been charged with breaking and entering a place of worship, felony breaking and entering, felony breaking and entering of a trailer, three counts of damage to property, and felony possession of burglary tools.

Greenville police say they responded to an in-progress break-in at a storage unit outside the Vision Phase III International Outreach Center on Raleigh Avenue. Officers were patrolling nearby as there have been several recent break-ins in that area.

Within minutes, police say they caught McNair as he tried to escape by climbing over a 15-foot block wall.

In his possession they found bolt cutters, gloves, two extension cords, a pry tool, a grill, propane tank, and pressure washer.

Officers say they also discovered there had been break-ins to a shed at Sutton Amusement Company, and a storage trailer outside Calvary Church. In all three cases locks were cut to get inside.

McNair was jailed on a $55,000 secured bond. Police say the man has an extensive criminal history, including B&E, felony larceny, kidnapping and other crimes dating back to 1994.