Police: Be Mindful Of Increase In Crime During The Holidays

Several recent armed robberies, attempted armed robberies, and shoplifting cases across Eastern Carolina a reminder, police say, that some crimes tend to tick up during this time of the year.

Greenville Police Public Information Officer Kristen Hunter says, "Typically around the holidays we do see a slight spike in crimes particularly property crimes like robberies, shoplifting. There isn't a clear cut reason why that is, it may be because of the economy the way it is some people are just looking for the right opportunity or feel that that's the only means of providing for their family for the holidays."

Sam Alnadesh runs a convenience store down the street from the Waffle House on Greenville Boulevard that was robbed early Wednesday morning. He says security cameras, and the location of his store, make him feel safe despite crimes in the area. Alnadesh says, "Robbers take advantage of dark places or maybe corners where they can hide, or any easy places they can get in and out as quick as possible, but here it's going to be hard for you to get out of the parking lot because you have to watch out for all this traffic. "

Experts say that safety all comes back to the individual being alert and aware of their surroundings.

Some stores also say their employees now have concealed carry permits for that extra layer of protection.

Some major retailers hire extra security during the holidays to combat both increases in shoplifting and robberies.