Plymouth Church Holds Wednesday Night Service Despite Weather

Many in the East took the Department of Transportation's advice Wednesday night, staying indoors and off the roads.

At least 15 churches notified WITN that they canceled their services. Others pushed through the elements.

Plenty of snow still stuck to the ground in Plymouth Wednesday night. The town was hit with two inches Tuesday night.

However, the snow didn't stop the Union Chapel Free Will Baptist Church from holding its Wednesday night service.

Wyatt Harvey was among those who attended the service.

Harvey said, "I was really happy because I hate it when we cancel services, and sometimes you can't help it, but I really don't like to. It's part of a very important role, we don't just do it for ourselves, it's a very important role for the community that you do have open doors when the time is right."

With temperatures dropping down below 20 degrees and some roads still wet, the risk of icy spots resulted in many other churches canceling their services.

Pastor Al Markuson said, "We want to be here and be available and be faithful and, those who are able to come out we will have our time of prayer and our time of bible study."

We're told around 20 people usually show up on Wednesday nights. Even with the bad weather, Markuson said 15 battled the conditions and made it by the 7:30 start time.