Pitt-Greenville Airport Re-Opens, Flights Resume

The Pitt-Greenville was back open Friday after being closed for three days because of all of the snow and ice.

Flights started to come in and out around 3:30 Friday afternoon, but not before a few more delays in morning.

Hundreds of people arrived at the airport Friday morning anticipating to fly out. Many have been waiting to travel since Tuesday.

On Monday night all flights to and from Greenville were canceled with ice and snow expected.

Airport director Jerry Vickers says the cancellations and delays have really stretched the airport's budget.

He says this weather has cost the airport between $6,000 and $8,000. That money has gone towards de-icing the runway and planes and working their staff overtime.

Vickers says this is the longest the airport has had to be closed in the last five years.