Pitt D.O.T. Crews: A Game Of Wait & See

Crews at the Department of Transportation in Pitt County are preparing to be able to keep the roads clear for drivers should we see any significant winter weather.

The D.O.T. has 650 tons of salt and 10 salt trucks ready to go if any accumulation starts, but for now they're treating Saturday's weather as a rain event, since we're expecting some rainfall in the afternoon.

A few weeks ago we had freezing rain and some snow here in the east. Transportation supervisor Joe Ross explains the differences between the two. Ross says, "We were able to pre-treat then because they weren't calling for rain to wash it off the road. Every event's different, none of them are the same. So this one, we just gotta wait and see."

Ross says the D.O.T. crews shouldn't be the only ones preparing and staying cautious, you should be doing the same. He says he wants everyone to stay off the roads and stay safe.