Pitt County Students Hope To Attend International Competition

Talk about some talented kids!

Close to 50 students built their own robot and submitted it for competition in Raleigh, where the team won the most prestigious award.

The Pitt County high schoolers are involved with the FIRST program, which is an acronym For Inspiration And Reconition of Science and Technology.

Design Team Captain Adam Schmidt says, "We built two robots this year. One so our drive team could practice after we bagged our original robot JoJo. You have to seal it and store it in a bag and you can't open it until competition."

The prestigious Chairman's Award earned the group a spot at the International Championship Competition in St. Louis.

The students will be judged on mechanics, design, and safety procedures. Promoting it all through marketing and social media is another aspect of the competition.

Anisha Patel says, "We want to show what Pitt county what we're able to do. We want them to be proud of us for what we have done."

But there's a catch. The team needs to raise $20,000 in order to make it to St. Louis on April 22nd.

They're hoping the public will send in donations to the Pitt County Educational Foundation, which is run through the school district. Good luck!