Pitt County Sheriff's Office Warns Of Cell Phone Contact Stealing Scam

There's another phone scam that's asking you to give up your bank account information to receive money from the government. Detectives in the east say the calls come from a number that tracks back to Washington DC, but the concern for some is that scammers are calling your friends from your contact list.

Anna Hardee and Cathy Smith of Pitt County both received calls from a 202 area code about a week ago. Smith says she told Hardee about a person with a foreign accent claiming to be from the federal government. The next day, Hardee received a call from that same number claiming she earned a grant for $9,000. When she told them she thought it was a scam the caller cursed at her and hung up. The Pitt County Sheriff's office says they've had reports of this scam among others recently, but what's even more troubling is the thought the con artist may have retrieved Smith's contacts through her smartphone.

"Contacts could be taken very easily for whatever reason they want to use it for, but always make sure it's up to date or if it's not invest in a new phone and check with the carrier on how secure that phone is." said Eastern Carolina Mac Services tech Dane Robart

The Sheriff's Office says their own detectives have received the same scam call and are not sure how scammers are getting the phone numbers, but ask people to remember if it's too good to be true, it probably is.