Pitt County Sheriff's Office Rents Four-Wheel Vehicles

The Pitt County Sheriff's Office says they always keep additional patrol cars on hand.

On Tuesday, they actually rented several four-wheel drive vehicles just to prepare for the winter storm. Deputies are gearing up to drive on very slick and snowy roads.

We're told the sheriff's office rented four vehicles from Enterprise. That's in addition to seven four-wheel drive trucks they already have.

While their goal is to protect the public, deputies say they also have to protect their officers and make sure that they have proper vehicles to respond to any calls they may receive in the next few days.

Captain Tony Williams said, "Our cars are two-wheel drive. They're low to the ground. The Chargers and the SUVs are two-wheel drive. We need some four-wheel drive for our supervisors to have. The regular deputies will be running around in them and our supervisors will have unmarked vehicles."

The sheriff's office says they plan on keeping the rented vehicles for the next few days, just until the snow clears.