Pitt County Sheriff's Office Offers Schools Crisis Training

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On the same day a school shooting was reported in Atlanta, Pitt County law enforcement officials were looking to prevent shootings from happening at schools here.

The Pitt County Sheriff's Office offered crisis training Thursday night for pre-schools and private schools to show them the potential benefits to their security plan. Administrators watched a dramatization of a shooting, and compared their current plans with what the sheriff's office could install. Tom Jones with Christ Covenant School says the video was informative, and security has been his top priority since December 14th.

"We saw it for real on TV a few weeks ago with the Sandy Hook incident. So the dramatization was a lot softer in a lot of ways. So, didn't really need that for motivation," said Jones.

The sheriff's office says if a school agrees to implement it's training , they could have the staff trained and ready in less than 2 weeks.