Pitt County Sheriff Cooks To Help Fight Domestic Violence

The Pitt County Sheriff's office teamed up with the Center For Family Violence Prevention to raise money for the center's family services program. The program seeks to council children and parents in domestic violence situations. Sheriff Neil Elks helped cook at the fundraiser which sold more than 500 plates at $8 a piece. They also received a check from the Verizon foundation for $15,000 for a grand total of $19,000.

"If you have a house that houses 22 people, you can imagine what your utility bill is, what your food bill is, your upkeep, that type of thing, and that's just one area," said Diana Cooper-Mann with the Family Violence Prevention Center about the organization shelter.

"Their total operation expenses comes from people supporting them such as this. They have a couple events during the year this is our way of being able to support them," said Sheriff Elks.

The sheriff's office plans on making the fundraiser an annual event.