Pitt County School Board Approves Beginning Teacher Pay Supplements

Beginning teachers in Pitt County teachers will be getting a boost in pay for the first time in two years.

Pitt County Schools spokesperson Brock Letchworth says first year teachers in Pitt county make about $31,000. He says the supplement approved Friday would provide teachers a $650 sign-on bonus, a 2% supplement for first year teachers then the potential for that supplement to increase to 5% for teachers rated proficient after their annual evaluation.

This comes after the state schools superintendent said this week she fears a teacher shortage due to low pay.

North Carolina ranks 46th in the country for teacher pay.

"We are so thankful that they were able to put together supplemental funds that will help support supplements for our teachers which will help us maintain and recruit teachers to come to Pitt county.schools," said school board chairman Marc Whichard.

Also Friday, Pitt County school officials said they are on track to name a new superintendent by mid to late July.