Pitt County Repeat Criminal Strikes Again

A suspect arrested for two Pitt County home break ins in the east has also spent the past 12 years in and out of jail and authorities hope this will be the last time for a long time.

28-year-old Michael Rouse Junior has a wrap sheet and a collection of mugshots pages long. Pitt County authorities say since he was 16-years-old, this Pitt County man has been released from prison at least 8 times. He was recently released in September, but is now back behind bars accused of breaking into a home on Stanley Road Monday night. The homeowner, Sandra Hullon says her back door window was broken and her safe was stolen. The sheriff says all they can do is put Rouse in jail, but it's up to the courts to keep him there.

"It's quite frustrating to us that we deal with these people over and over again. There's clearly a law in place and I think it will apply in this case. If he's qualified... to be an habitual felony," said Pitt County Sheriff Neil Elks.

Rouse is also accused of breaking into a home on Highway 43 and stealing jewelry , electronics and a iPad which the victim says helped authorities track down Rouse.