Winter Weather Throws Some Parents A Curveball

The snow arrived in Greenville around 11:00 Tuesday afternoon, just in time for parents at Pitt County Schools to pick up their kids for early dismissal.

Students at Elm Hurst Elementary in Greenville were thrilled to be out of class early.

A long line of cars wrapped around the building, as parents arrived to quickly pick up their kids in hopes of beating the snow.

It's the fifth day of school this year effected by the snow, which is challenge for some parents who have to make other arrangements.

Scott Palmisano, a father of three, said, "I don't think most people in the city are used to it. Employers definitely aren't used to it. So it pretty much comes down to the last couple minutes or hours before decisions can be made... So yeah, it's tough to manage."

While Pitt County Schools did close early on Tuesday, school officials say they won't have to schedule a make up day because they did have a half day of classes.