Greenville Suspects Plea To Second Degree Murder

Two people charged with killing a man nearly two years ago accepted a plea deal in court this morning.

Paris White and Joshua Smith pleaded guilty to second degree murder charges in Pitt County for the death of Larry Campbell in December 2010.

White, who was a sophomore at J.H. Rose High School at the time, and Smith, who is now 22-years-old, will serve at least 10 years in prison for the murder. The two were given credit for time already spent in jail.

The shooting happened outside a party on December 16th on Paul Circle. Assistant District Attorney Kimberly Robb says Campbell became rowdy and intoxicated at the party and was asked to leave. Outside a confrontation began with a group of people and witnesses said Smith shot the victim in the back or in the leg.

Everyone ran after the shooting, according to the assistant district attorney. But the prosecutor says White went back and fired a second shot. She said there was no way to tell who fired the fatal shot. An autopsy shows Campbell was hit in the head and torso by gunfire.

As part of the plea deal, White and Smith are also ordered to pay funeral costs to the victim's grandmother.