Pitt County Hopes To Improve Pet Problems

Dozens of dogs are abandoned on the side of the road and left for dead by their owners. That's what a retired sheriff's deputy and avid dog lover says has been going on near his home for years.

James Satterthwaite, a retired Pitt County sheriff's deputy, spent Monday afternoon rescuing an abandoned dog.

Satterthwaite says, "Just on this one particular road, which I travel daily. There have been dozens of animals thrown out on this road."

Even after retirement, Satterthwaite has a passion for putting a stop to animal cruelty.

Pitt County's Humane Society is hard at work as well. They presented the County Commissioners with a canine control proposal Monday night.

Humane Society President Dr. Ron Allison says, "Pitt County doesn't have enough regulations in place for things like roaming animals and animals that are chained 24/7. So what we're hoping is that the commissioners will take a large view at all of the current issues."

Dr. Allison says even the Humane Society has to turn away some abandoned animals. Although, he thinks Pitt County's pet problems are improving.

"5 years ago, 10 years ago, the shelter was killing 90 percent of the animals that they brought in," explains Dr. Allison. "Now they're able to find homes for 50 percent of them. So there are a lot of good things happening in Pitt County, just more needs to be done."

Satterthwaite brought this dog to Helen's Grooming World and Pet Motel in Greenville, until they can find a home for it. He urges the public not to drop animals off on the side of a road.

"Don't drop it on the side of the road," says the retired deputy. "That's a horrible death for that dog and a long, drawn out death."

If you're interested in adopting the dog Satterthwaite rescued, call Helen's Grooming World and Pet Motel at (252) 758-6333.