Pitt County Group Offers Grocery Shopping Tours

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You may think you know your way around a grocery store, but Pitt Partners for Health and Nutrition held a tour at the Food Lion on Easy Street in Greenville Wednesday afternoon, to shed some light shopping healthier.

Tour leaders take people through the store and give them examples of ways they can cut down on processed foods without breaking the bank. One of the main points they talk about is how important it is to buy local.

Tour leader Diana Craft says buying local eliminates the need to further process the food, which keeps in more nutrients. She explained sometimes it's more cost effective to buy produce fresh and freeze it yourself rather than buying it from the frozen section. Craft suggests you buy lean meat in larger portions and freeze pieces you don't use immediately. She says compare unit prices on food to make sure your getting the most for your money.

Gerald Hubbard is a diabetic and is using the tour to learn how to make better diet decisions affordably.

"In this day and time money is kind of hard to come about so we need to try and stretch our dollar as far as we can," said Hubbard.

Organizers hope these workshops will educate people into making better decisions about their nutrition.

"Obesity is one of our biggest epidemics that cause a lot of other health issues chronic issues such as heart disease stroke diabetes, and so we're really trying to get this message out because in Pitt County we do have obesity at high rates," said one tour leader.

The tours will continue throughout the month of October.