Pitt County Farmer Talks About Shooting Pit Bulls Attacking His Sheep

A Pitt County farmer who shot two pit bulls on Monday when he says he saw them attacking his sheep is talking with WITN about what he says has been an ongoing problem.

Andrew Burlingham showed us some of his livestock at Tar River Ranch that still had visible wounds.

While Burlingham says he shot the dogs, he says it's not something he wants to do. But, he says he's had to do it several times already this year. "I take no pleasure in shooting dogs. I do not like to do that. However, I cannot have them killing my livestock."

Burlingham says in total he has killed six dogs so far this year and has lost 32 head of animals in the past three years.

Burlingham has since purchased a guard dog and built a wooden fence to try and keep dogs away.

The Pitt County Sheriff's Office says Burlingham will not be charged with shooting the dogs, because he was protecting his animals, on his property.