Pitt County Deputies Seeking Owner Of Unclaimed Peanut Trailer

The Pitt County Sheriff's Office is asking for help from all local farmers.

Wesley Warren, 22, of Lloyd Corey Road in Stokes, was arrested back in February for stealing several peanut trailers from Pitt, Martin, and Bertie Counties, and claiming them as his own.

All trailer owners, except one, have been notified.

The trailers were sold to local recycling companies, and this weekend, the unclaimed trailer, worth more than $1,000, will be crushed.

Detectives are asking all peanut farmers in Pitt and surrounding counties to double-check if their equipment is safe.

If you think you may have the missing peanut trailer, you are asked to call detectives at (252) 902-2823 or (252) 802-4141 with a detailed description of the trailer so the equipment can be returned to its owner before it is destroyed.