Pitt County D.A. Reflects On Career As He Gets Set To Retire

Pitt County District Attorney Clark Everett is reflecting on his more than 30-years as a prosecutor as he prepares to retire at the end of the month.

Everett has been the D.A. for the past 14-years after being appointed by Governor Jim Hunt and says it's time to move on and do something else.

Everett has tried hundreds of cases, 18 of which were capital cases, in his 32-years in the courtroom.

Everett says, "It's been an interesting career. It's certainly exciting. It can be stressful. It's not necessarily the career where people like you all the time."

While Everett says he's not too sure yet what he'll do with his free time, he says there are some things he will not do. "What I'm not going to be is a politician. I'm not going to be running for office. And I'm not going to hold an elected office."

However, Everett says he will continue to work with other D.A.'s on cases that are still pending.

Everett says he's enjoyed his time serving Pitt County, and he hopes his years of hard work left an impression on the community. "I just hope people will look back and say, he was fair and he did a good job at what he was doing."

Governor McCrory will appoint a new D.A. by February first.