Pitt County Burglar Uses Cutting Tool To Break Into ATM

Surveillance video of an ATM thief has been released with hopes of catching the burglar.

Pitt County deputies say they responded to the Farmer's Fresh Market Wednesday morning around 5:15 a.m. The business is on Highway 903 outside of Ayden.

The burglar got in through a broken window and then spent several minutes breaking into the ATM. He can be seen crouched down, using a tool that cuts into the side of the machine.

Deputies say he purposely walked through the business slightly bent over, trying to avoid the camera. The thief stole almost $700 from the ATM and got out through the back door.

Anyone with information on the burglar should call the Pitt County Sheriff's Office at (252) 830-4141 or Crime Stoppers (252) 758-7777.