PCC Student Exceeds Expectations In Supplies For Sandy Victims

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A Pitt Community College student is planning to leave Greenville Friday for her home state of New Jersey. This trip for Erin Markowski, however, would be like any other.

Markowski recently visited her sister in Seaside, New Jersey and witnessed the incredible destruction from Hurricane Sandy. Markowski says the damage motivated her to act.

In Pitt County, Markowski and fellow nursing students started collect supplies to take to storm victims. Markowski says she expected to fill as many as ten boxes of supplies. When all the collecting was completed, the group had collected at least ten times that--100 boxes of various toiletries, baby items, food and toys, and dozens of bags of men's and women's clothes, jackets and shoes.

The outpouring of support has created an unexpected problem for Markowski. She can't fit everything into the Ford Explorer and trailer she has ready to take to New Jersey Friday. She is hoping someone will donate a box truck to hold all the items for the storm victims. The students plan to load their supplies at 9 a.m. Thursday before heading north on Friday.