Pitt Co. Schools Superintendent Meeting With Focus Groups About Student Athletes Eligibility Policies

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Pitt County Schools Superintendent Beverly Emory is calling them "focus groups"- groups that she's sitting down with at schools across the county to address potential revisions of the athletic eligibility policy for student athletes.

Last fall D.H. Conley football player Maleek Gorham was ruled ineligible by the North Carolina High School Athletic Association for living outside of the Conley school district. His 365-day suspension brought questions to whether or not the policy is too harsh on student athletes. At Monday night's board of education meeting Emory said, so far, she's had a lot of feedback.

"Parents, booster club members, coaches, AD, and student athletes involved in those discussions," said Emory.

At this point, Emory says she's gone to three schools: J.H. Rose, D.H. Conley, and Farmville Central. She says she still has three more schools of focus groups to speak with.