Pitt Co. Investigators: Stolen Dogs Returned

Two dog owners are reunited with their dogs after both say that their dogs were stolen.

The Pitt County Sheriff's Office says in the past two weeks they've had two reports of stolen pit bulls. Fortunately, both dogs have been returned to their owners and one man has been arrested with stealing one of the dogs.

Burma is a one-year old pit bull who was returned to his owner five days after Pitt County authorities say he was stolen from his kennel in Farmville.

James Davis says he moved into a new apartment that wouldn't accept Burma, so he put the dog with a friend who has a kennel. He says the arrangement worked out well for a few months, until he received a call that the dog was taken.

On August 4th, the Greene County Sheriff's Office arrested 34-year-old Jerress Moore at his home in Walstonburg and charged him with larceny of a dog and possession of stolen goods. It was then that Davis says Burma finally returned home.

Davis says he doesn't know Moore and isn't sure why he would take his dog.

The other victim, whose dog was taken from her Greenville home, says she too is relieved to have her dog back. That case is still under investigation.

Moore was released on a $500.00 bond. His court appearance is Thursday at the Pitt County Courthouse.